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hi! Based between Paris and London, I specialise in photography for campaigns, events, and editorials.

My photography journey began in 2018, when I became my grandfather's agent, promoting his unseen archive of 1960s music icons. Together, we curated exhibitions internationally, published a book, and created a documentary about his work commissioned by France 5. Explore his work [here].

Since 2020, I've focused my lens on documenting upcoming music and cultural scenes, from fashion campaigns to artist visuals. I have worked with brands such as: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Casablanca, Diesel...

I'm also the co-founder of Anansi's Web, an online archive and conemporary arts platform celebrating Caribbean carnival culture. Our performance, "Dimanche," will tour  in 2024-2025. Launching soon.

My work has been featured in publications Crack Magazine, Wonderland, Time Out, The Face, Hypebeast, and Culted.

Got a breif, a last minute event, an idea or just wanna say hi? drop me a message  :)



Resident Advisor x Sable Studios
‘Documenting the dance with Nelta Kasparian’

Abbey Road Studios 
‘The Buisness of Music Photography’

exhibitons/ shows

July 2024
Roskilde Festival, Denmark  
co-director: Nelta Kasparian
July 2024

October 2024
Haus der Kunst, Munich  
co-director: Nelta Kasparian

‘L’aventure photographique des Kasparian’
Centre du Partimoine Armenien, Valence, France 2021
Curator: Nelta Kasparian

‘El Ojo de los 60’
Centro de Foto, Montevideo, Urugay 2019
Curator: Nelta Kasparian

‘Les Sixties a Paris’
Jazz Club Le Meridien, Paris, France 2021
Curator: Nelta Kasparian

carnival research
Abbey Road Studio Talk 
the studio boissiere, built by great-granfather
Roger and Nelta Kasparian for the opening of the Kasparian exhibition in Montevideo, Urugay