Photography: Vivek Vadoliya
Producer/Research: Nelta Kasparian
Comissioned by Vogue.

"Working on this project, I’ve had the pleasure to meet with a few legends who are pieces of the puzzle, contributing to the ecstatic, beautiful and unexplainable chaos that is Notting Hill Carnival.

In these times of racial unrest, where it seems like every other day I am reminded or made aware of just another facet of British racism, I look at Notting Hill Carnival for hope - because it’s survived, it’s flourished, and it’s imposed itself despite major forces (still) going against it and against black people.

Notting Hill Carnival is a truly Caribbean-British hybrid creature - and I wish for us to focus on that for a minute. Focus on what happens when black and white aren’t opposed, but instead, inexplicably unified. Because that is the paradox of Carnival, it was born out of the need for emancipation and it has grown into a catalyst for those alienated and disillusioned with British Society – and that is a feeling that can be shared by all.

Notting Hill Carnival is a symbol around which a whole series of forces has coalesced – may unity be the one that prevails."


Allyson Williams MBE with her daughter Symone Williams Costume Designers
Mangrove Mas Band
Carl Gabriel - Sculpture Artist
Dubplate Pearl - Sound System Legend & Camberwell Connection DJ
Hasan De Four - Chef & Restaurateur
Lava La Rue- Rapper & Poet
Marilyn Dennis - Member Of The First All-Female Sound System